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Healthier Eating Tips

Ten Top Tips to Healthier Eating

  • Don’t add unnecessary salt and sugar during the cooking process.
  • Keep a food diary for a week, you may be surprised at the type of food and drink you and your family are consuming.
  • Spend a few minutes looking at the sugar, fat and salt contained within your house at this moment in time.
  • Don’t get too concerned about reading every label, but consider how you can reduce the intake of fats, sugar and salt by buying ‘healthier’ alternatives.
  • All foods can be enjoyed in moderation – common sense will prevail.
  • Don’t go shopping for the family when you are hungry. This leads to impulse purchases rather than careful shopping.
  • Look for ‘low fat’ alternatives.
  • Many children don’t like fruit and vegetables. If this is the case , see how you can add these products to other favourite foods, such as putting sultanas in a curry or chopping a banana onto cereal. Crispy carrot/celery sticks are now proving popular in many schools, why not try them at home instead of chocolate.
  • Enjoy treats now and again. Deprivation of certain items will lead, eventually, to binge eating.
  • Children make their mind up about many things at an early age. The earlier they think about the link between food and exercise, the better.