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New Business Contracts


Dear Head Teacher

TCS Independent are based in Northfleet, Kent and started business in 1999 out of a desire to create a catering company that would specialise in providing primary school children with a meal that they would actually eat and enjoy without compromising on quality and nutritional value.

We feel that TCS has come a long way over the past decade and we now supply catering services and healthy school meals to a large number of primary schools throughout Kent and Essex.

Our online booking and payment facility enhances our service by simplifying school meal management and enabling parents to pay in a convenient way.

The inclusion of your school as a single site contract would greatly add to our successful business and offer an exciting new opportunity for the school.

If you would like to find out more or discuss your requirements, either on an individual basis or as part of a consortium group contract then please contact us as we would be delighted to arrange an introductory visit.

For further information please contact Gill Russell, Contract Manager, on 01474 338739 or email



TCS - Provider and Partner

At TCS we pride ourselves on working in partnership with schools to provide a bespoke, trouble free school meal service, customised to meet the requirements of each individual clients.

We stand out by providing a total service package that has been created in full consultation with Head Teachers, parents and pupils.



Our Menus

Our aim is to provide exciting menus that provide children with a well balanced meal that meets, or exceeds the required nutritional standards for good health.

TCS offer a three week menu cycle incorporating a 'homemade style' of cooking, using 90% of fresh ingredients, sourced from our local suppliers.

Our menu includes a popular roast dinner and fish fingers and chips, as well as favourites such as pasta, pizza and fajitas.  The daily menu is supplemented with freshly baked bread, a salad bar and fresh fruit.



Marketing Support

At TCS we put a major emphasis on making the school meal experience enjoyable and include regular themed days and competitions.

Exclusive offer !

We also encourage school councils to develop their school's own unique brand for their service including name, logo and servery design. We offer to implement these ideas, including a servery refurbishment, at no cost to the school.



Our Suppliers

Around 90% of the fresh ingredients used by TCS are sourced from local suppliers. We favour using small local suppliers that can offer a personal and flexible service. Our local butchers supply quality meat and our greengrocers provide the freshest produce.




Book and Pay for School Meals Online

TCS recognises that online transactions are becoming a popular and more widely used way for parents to pay for school meals.

Our online booking and school meals payment facility is designed to help parents of primary school children to choose the required meals from the featured menu, book their requirements and pay electronically.

Online payment removes the need for parents to find cash on a Monday morning.

Free school meals can also be booked online by parents.




Food for Life

TCS holds the coveted Food for Life Catering Bronze award. In order to achieve this prestigious mark the caterer must produce delicious and healthy menus that use unprocessed and seasonal produce. At least 75% of dishes must be freshly prepared and their fresh fruit, vegetables and meat sourced locally.






Quality Assurance, Training and the Environment

TCS believe in maintaining the highest standards of Quality Assurance and Food Safety. We implement an on-going staff training programme and follow an effective environmental awareness schedule.





What People Are Saying About TCS

"Meopham Community Academy has worked in partnership with TCS to provide hot meals for pupils at the academy for several years. The children enjoy the choices of food and on many occasions staff also take advantage of the hot meals. The kitchen staff and management are always helpful and we are keen to continue this excellent relationship."

Linda Dwight, Business Manager

"TCS has been proving school meals at midday for our children for in excess of 5 years. TCS provides what we consider to be an excellent services, from cash collection to providing meal choices for our pupils.
The food is sourced locally, which we feel is very important - not only environmentally sound but the very high quality of produce ensures the children are receiving a nutritious meal at a very reasonable cost.
Being a company based locally, TCS's hands-on philosophy provides a rapid response to any issues that may arise. In addition, TCS has been available for 'taster evenings' for new parents and TCS has provided the catering for PTA events throughout the school year.
I feel confident in recommending TCS to any school which may be considering a change to their current catering provider."

Mrs L Hollingworth, Head Teacher, Hartley School.



10  Good Reasons to Join Us!

  • 90% or our menus use fresh ingredients
  • Our fresh produce is sourced from local butchers and greengrocers
  • In addition to our generic menu we offer a bespoke service to suit individual school requirements
  • Our 'home made' style of cooking provides a healthy meal which exceeds the national nutritional standards
  • All our menus are created using a local nutritionist
  • We work in partnership with Head Teachers and School Councils
  • We produce regular parent communications
  • Our comprehensive marketing programme includes free servery makeovers, fun days and themed menus
  • All our staff under go comprehensive training and we carry out regular audit checks


For further information contact Gill Russell using our contact form

New Business Contracts

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