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Questions & Answers

Are all the school meals freshly made?
Yes, we prepare fresh meals in the school kitchens every day.

Can I pay for school dinners termly?
Yes of course, just send a cheque on the first day of term or pay online.

Can you provide school meals for children with allergies?
Yes, we are pleased to discuss any special diet requirements and plan meals accordingly.

How do I apply for free school meals?
Contact your child's school office where they will have application forms.

How do I apply to work for TCS Independent Ltd?
Please ring or send a message by email and we will send you an application pack.

My child can't eat certain foods for religious reasons, will there be an alternative meal offered every day?
Yes, there are always two choices offered every day, one being a non meat meal.

My daughter doesn't like vegetables, how will she have a balanced meal?
There will be a self service salad cart available everyday for her to choose from instead of vegetables.

My son is a fussy eater, will he be forced to eat things he doesn't know or like?
We will always encourage children to try new foods but no one is forced to eat anything.

My son sometimes comes home feeling hungry, how do I know that the portions served are sufficient?
The portions served meet the requirements set by the Food Standards Agency.


Questions & Answers